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Home Theater Design & Installation

Here at Wired Installs we specialize in custom home theater installations that give you a sense of harmony between your home’s décor and the look and feel of the theater system, without compromising sound quality and an immersive visual experience.

Home Theater Design

We focus on seamless lines, clean finishes, flush fixtures, various forms of lighting and other subtle details to ensure that your audio-visual installation impresses by having the sophisticated styling you and your guests expect from a high-end home theater system.

To accomplish this goal, Wired Installs will find the current technology that fits your needs, not the other way around. We try to keep it simple and easy to understand and use. Not focusing on fancy bells & whistles when they are not needed. But still sometime this involves changes to the current structure and we have an excellent team that understand our standard of excellence and our desire to deliver a home theater system that feels that it has been masterfully crafted.

Quality Sound and Video

Of course for Wired Installs, sound and video performance is always a top priority. A beautiful theater system that does not deliver top-notch sound and audio is not good enough. That’s where our experience and quality workmanship shine. We work with you and your budget to ensure that only the best audio-video components are installed in your home.

Accomplishing the refined sophistication of a fluid and harmonious professional home theater installation requires teamwork and a desire to deliver. You’ll find that Wired Installs the best choice you can make for your Home Theater Installation, 

Starting Your Home Theater Project

Would you like to upgrade the audio-visual experience in your home? To start a project, please give us a call at: (713) 377-2837  or email us @ and tell us about the home experience you’d like to create.

Wired Installs has designed and installed many local home theaters and we can not wait to start on your project.